Welcome to 2012!!! New Asian Dramas Recomendations!!! Here We Go!!!

My first recommendation will be this Korean drama PADAM PADAM, that I am enjoying very much..the title threw me off a few times but I finally settled on watching it and I must tell you I am loving it. The male actor is the main attraction for me , his facial expressions and superb acting is enough to drag you in, not to mention his big laughs that makes you laugh along unwillingly…


My next recommendation will be———->

The Moon That Embraces the Sun

Although only the first episode is out but I have a good feeling about it .

Also there is this , not as good as the Japanese drama version but if you are in love with JANG GEUN SUK you will love this nonetheless.

You’re My Pet

Wild Romance

Not so sure yet about this drama but hey LEE DONG WOOK is in it…


In Time with You

It’s funny and a lot of people can relate to it.. it’s one of those situations where you make friends first then realize on the long run that your in love with your best friend….

History of the Salaryman

so far so good, although exaggerated on some bits .